Design My HPS

Interested in how your HPS would be designed to reach your power requirements? Start the preliminary design phase to see how Windstrip can assist you in reaching your production goals.  

Design Instructions

  1. Select your power production method (i.e. wind, or a combination solar and wind) or add sources as you go
  2. Wind Power Source Selection
    • Select your desired Windstrip Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) model
    • Input your average wind speed for prospective HPS installment site
    • Input your desired duration of wind source power production
  3. Solar Power Source Selection
    • Input your average sunlight duration for prospective solar panel installment site
    • Input your associated panel array based on previously selected VAWT model (bundled package)
  4. Analyze your total power production results from desired inputs
  5. Contact a Windstrip Design Engineer to continue your customized HPS design