Meet the world's first fully integrated energy solution designed to meet the reliability and sustainability goals of the international cellular communications industry.


So we engineered an innovative end-to-end solution

The result is a seamlessly integrated solution for managing, storing, and delivering energy from multiple sources to service sole or multiple-purpose energy needs off-grid.


There are currently nearly a million cell towers globally that are off-grid and powered by generators...


...and nearly 90,000 new off-grid or "brown power" cell towers are coming online every year....


...but with operating costs as high as $0.55/kWh, having the right power system is crucial.


Burning diesel to power base transceiver stations is an expensive, environmentally costly and strategically vulnerable option for many owners and operators

A single diesel-powered BTS can consume as much as 20,000 liters of imported or diverted diesel per year, costing as much as $40,000 and spewing as many as 50 tons of carbon emission into the atmosphere.

For many owners and operators, energy is the single largest cost item of operating a BTS.

Windstrip's Hybrid Power System (HPS) allows poor-grid and off-grid cell towers to reliably go or stay off-grid using only sustainable energy sources

The HPS combines wind, solar, and other energy sources and integrates power management and battery storage in a safe, stable, and reliable manner to achieve economical production, storage, and delivery of energy while addressing the unique need of the telecommunications industry for “five-nines” or 99.999% up-time reliability.

The result is a solution that reduces or eliminates reliance on diesel or other hydrocarbon generators, their fuel and their maintenance.

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The nearly maintenance-free HPS, with a 10- to 20-year life, has a rapid time to payback on a CAPEX basis

Windstrip, with its capital partners, is also able to provide lease and term financing to qualified telecom or tower operators, thereby providing the option of converting a favorable CAPEX proposition into a straight OPEX proposition.

How does it work?


Windstrip HPS can be utilized in a variety of applications from Residential to Commercial to Industrial

Our initial focus is on the global telecommunications industry, but we'll continue leveraging our technology in a number of innovative ways.